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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mobile Tech Roundup

I was going to post about Mobile Tech Roundup (MoTR)http://www.mobiletechroundup.com/ and how it has taught me about the use of Trackbacks, in addition to being an enjoyble podcast, in my MoBlog; unfortunately I could not open my main MoBlog despite having renewed it with a new password yesterday.

In the meantime take my word for it here - if you haven't caught them do check in with their podcast.

I am including a link to their post on their site in the hope that it triggers the trackback Mobile Tech Roundup Trackback Competition - then must dash off to work.

Addendum: I have used a free service Haloscan to add the Trackback feature to my Blogspot account. Until I can figure how to get it to operate I will use the Haloscan manual trackback feature.




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